Cloth Diaper Tutorial, Part 4

July 21st, 2007 by MamaBear

Now that you’ve learned about diaper pails, cloth wipes, some of the different types of cloth diapers and how to wash them, you’re going to learn how us crazy cloth-diapering mamas leave the house. Behold, my arsenal:


From left to right: backpack, water bottle, three cloth diapers, cloth wipes, two “wet bags.”

The two “wet bags” are where I put my dirty diapers when on the go. I change the baby like I normally do and just stick the dirty diaper and used cloth wipes in the “wet bag.” If I forget to put my washable “wet bag” in the diaper bag, I make sure I always pack a gallon-sized zipper style plastic bag. In a pinch, I could always use a plastic bag from a store and tie it with a knot. When I get home, I dump the contents of the “wet bag” in the diaper pail. I never have to touch anything any more so than if I were using disposable diapers.

I carry the water bottle around for two reasons: (1) I like to always have water to drink, especially since I’m lactating, and (2) if there’s no sink with which to wet the cloth wipes, I can always squirt the clean cloth wipes with water from my bottle. I keep refilling the same bottle with filtered water from the tap to cut down on waste.

In addition to the above items, I also pack: a travel diaper changing pad (got it free at the hospital after I gave birth), a blanket, a change of clothes for BabyBear, and a baby bottle with breast milk + formula in it (she refuses to breastfeed, and if I could fill the bottle with only breast milk, I would — I’ll go into that in more detail when I chronicle my breastfeeding saga in the near future). I don’t usually pack diaper cream because it may ruin the fleece (the white inside part) in the AIO pocket diapers by making it repellant. (It may not ruin it forever, though, so don’t fret if this happens to you. Stripping the diapers could fix the problem.)

I don’t use a traditional diaper bag because I like to pretend I’m still in college when I’m schlepping my baby around in public. Actually, I just think it’s practical. The one-strap diapers bags, as cute as some of them might be, are kind of cumbersome and weigh me down on one side. With a backpack (nothing fancy, just a regular old backpack), I can have both hands free for holding the baby. When we flew to Florida, I had my baby in a Moby wrap in front and put my backpack on my back and I still had my hands free to roll my luggage around in the airports.

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5 Responses to “Cloth Diaper Tutorial, Part 4”

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  2. Amanda Says:

    Hi MamaBear! What a great series. I read all four and learned a lot. I have done a little research on cloth diapers, but haven’t seen anyone explain it so clearly. My daughter is 7 months and we are about to switch. Thanks for info on washing them. I know some people wash the solid in a toilet, but you just throw it all into the wash! I was wondering if you could do that. I can tell you put a lot of work into the posts. Thanks!

  3. MamaBear Says:

    Hi Amanda. :)

    I’m glad you got so much out of the cloth diaper series. I wanted to let you know that, especially if your daughter is not eating solids yet, throwing the soiled diapers directly in the wash is the way to go. Once she starts eating solids, the care of cloth diapers involves one more step, but is still very easy. I installed a sprayer on the side of my toilet (it costs about $35 and is worth every penny), and spray the solid matter directly into the toilet. I don’t really have to touch anything but the sprayer and a clean corner of the diaper to do this. Then I just throw the rinsed diaper into the pail and I’m done. :) Once babies start solids, they usually don’t have bowel movements very often unless they’re sick. I have a friend who uses cloth normally, but when her baby got sick with diarrhea, she used disposables for 1-2 days. After her son got better, she got back on cloth no problem. I hope this information helps you further. Thanks for reading! :)

    Here’s the sprayer I’m talking about, in case you’re curious about getting one: That site has a pretty good picture that shows you what it looks like fairly well, but the product itself can be found nearly everywhere. Here: Again, hope this helps! :)

  4. Codi Says:

    Hey there, I use Cloth diapers and I am super impressed with how well you explained it. We do a lot of the same things, except I do have a few questions, you seem so pratical (like me!). The first one is that my wash clothe’s and diapers all have stains. I have heard that you simply lay them in the sun??? I live in the NW and Sun is kinda off and on. Do you just put them on a clothes line? and for how long??? When you use your wipes for poo, do you rinse those off as well as the diapers? I don’t use them for poo because I am unsure. I use Charlie’s (and I haven’t gotten that smell you mentioned) and I do spray them with a sprayer. Which is awesome! I don’t think I would do cloth without it! And I have only used prefolds. If I was to get AIO how many would I get? OK, and also I have always used a backpack for the same reason, I always tell new moms why and they still go for the shoulder bags that fall every time you try to bend over. I stopped telling people what helped me because they did it anyways…. So now I just laugh at them to myself. LOL It’s nice chatting with someone about cloth diapers. Everyone I know thinks I’m crazy. Maybe that’s why it took me so long to start with cloth. But I love it and will never never go back, and often tell as much as I can when asked. Thanks again

  5. MamaBear Says:

    Hi Codi :)

    You are so sweet. Thank you for your lovely compliments. :)

    I haven’t used Charlie’s again, so I don’t know if that smell was just my imagination or what — LOL, but I’m glad it works so well for you. I think the people that make and sell Charlie’s Soap are wonderful. They have created a simple and elegant business model (or at least they had one when I purchased my bottle of Charlie’s from them), and I love, love, love that the price they stated is the price they charged (no “shipping” charges on top of it). That business model is actually in part the kind used for the store here on We don’t charge shipping because, well, because frankly, charging for a separate shipping charge on top of paying what the customer is paying is kind of insulting. Anyway, thought I’d mention that plug for Charlie’s ’cause, even though I don’t wash my diapers with Charlie’s Soap, I do like the way they do business. :)

    Anyway, with regard to cloth diapers, I’m glad you’re so happy and proud to be a cloth diapering mama. You should be. :) In a country where most people don’t use cloth, it can be a bit intimidating to go out and be seen being “different.” Keep doing what you’re doing. You’re doing what’s right for you, and it just so happens that it makes life better for everyone else, too. Thanks, Codi. :)

    (Hey, if you want to write again, please feel free to use the contact form here: I make it a general policy to answer every email I get. :))

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