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September 30th, 2011 by MamaBear

Jennifer Coias lives in Brazil.  On September 15, 2011 she gave birth to her beautiful, still baby boy, Jude Mateo Coias via HVBAC (home vaginal birth after cesarean).  Her son had passed away two weeks prior in utero.

Jude's footprints

 Jen writes of this experience:

Our baby boy, Jude Mateo Coias, was born still in our home at 12:30pm. He came in his own perfect timing and his birth was simply perfect. We are at peace that we could give him the birth he deserved and we intend to honor his memory by continuing to advocate for children’s rights in every way possible. Thank you to everyone, from the bottom of our hearts, for your love and support during this time. Our hearts might be broken but our spirit is intact and well thanks to our friends, family and the thousands of people who kept us in their thoughts. We love you all!

Jennifer has decided to pump her milk, Jude’s milk, and donate it to babies in need in Brazil through a milk bank.  So far, she’s donated several times, and continues to pump about 7-8 times a day to continue lactation in order to help other babies.

Jennifer's early milk, full of colostrum, donated September 22, 2011

In the first few weeks of pumping, her old Medela pump was not functioning well at all.  Jennifer had to attach the faceplate with a bungee cord just for it to work.  The above picture shows milk pumped that way, with the low-power pump.  Thankfully, she recently received a new pump, shields, and bags from a mother in the USA who was traveling to Brasilia and hand-delivered the items to her. She now donates to two human milk banks in Brasilia.

Jude's milk pumped on the weekend of Sept. 24-25, 2011

If you would like to send her breastmilk bags directly, or other small, non-fragile items, here is her address (keep in mind it could take several weeks to reach her):

Jennifer & Miguel Coias
Unit 7500, Box 1381
DPO, AA 34030-1381

There is a Facebook page dedicated to her and her family, titled Love & Light for Jennifer Coias & Family. Please visit it and see if you can help Jennifer.  Her family has had to spend thousands of dollars in unexpected funeral expenses. If you can help her, here is a direct link that will take you to a donation page for Jennifer Coias.  Thank you.

Heart for Jude

World Milksharing Week:

Find a breastmilk donor/recipient:  Human Milk 4 Human Babies (HM4HB)

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4 Responses to “World Milksharing Week — Jennifer’s Story, Donor”

  1. MamaBear Says:

    Jennifer Coias adds: “Getting 55 oz per day now. :) Just wanted to clarify that the milk banks in Brazil are all within hospitals. There seems to be a confusion with people thinking they are some free standing business that is selling milk. It is all hospital run and the milk goes to the babies at the hospital who can’t get milk from their own mom. The bank also helps mothers who have NICU babies to be able to pump their own milk if possible. Anyway, perhaps it is different in the US, but that is why resources are limited. Hospitals here don’t have a lot of money like in the USA, even the private ones are lacking in a lot of what we consider standard in the US.”

  2. Rachel @ Clearly Speaking Says:

    Oh my aching heart. What an incredible way to turn heartbreak into a literal gift of life for others. This mama is incredible, and incredibly giving.

  3. MamaBear Says:

    Yes, Rachel, I agree. <3 Thanks for commenting.

  4. Amy @ Anktangle Says:

    What an incredible and heartbreaking story! Thank you, Jennifer, for giving such a huge gift of yourself.

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