About Me (MamaBear)

I am a mom living in Texas who practices Attachment Parenting. I’m not perfect, but I am always striving to improve. I created the site for the International Breastfeeding Symbol because I feel passionately about breastfeeding, and I thought the new symbol needed its own site. I created this blog to talk about breastfeeding and issues pertaining to it, like milk donation (in all its forms), milk banks, breastfeeding advocacy, and pretty much whatever pops into my head at the time, whether it’s about breastfeeding or not.

I will blog in more detail about my personal breastfeeding saga, but for the time being you should know that I pump exclusively (over fourteen months), and I have low-supply issues for a multitude of reasons. Here’s an extremely abbreviated summary: I’ve seen lactation consultants on multiple occasions. I’ve nursed with an SNS. And a Lact-Aid. It didn’t work out, so now I pump.

Note: I will delete any malicious, inflammatory, misogynistic or otherwise disrespectful, rude, or disparaging comments at my discretion. Ask questions nicely, and I’ll be more inclined to answer them. I offer no guarantees, though I will make every effort to answer all reasonable questions asked.