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Facebook Page and new “like” button

February 16th, 2011 by MamaBear

Hello everyone.  If you’re logged onto Facebook, you can “like” this page by clicking the “like” button to the right underneath where it says “about.”  You can also friend Mama Bear (me!) by searching for “MamaBear Lactating.”  I will try to do a better job of updating the Facebook page than this blog, as it is much easier to keep up with.  I hope to see you there!

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Just Noticed This…

February 12th, 2008 by MamaBear

I just noticed that The Lactivist’s Tuesday, June 05, 2007 post on The International Breast Milk Project accurately reflects the current reality with the IBMP and Prolacta now (Hm. I recently noticed looks different — different colors and different pictures and different overall format — kind of annoying since before it was more technical and straightforward — though woefully incomplete — and now it’s more “soft” and “vague” and “wishy-washy” — and still missing a lot of really important information. When someone’s primary motivation is making a profit, you gotta wonder about these things…).

I want to thank her (The Lactivist) personally for updating her original, breakthrough thoughts on the IBMP with this thorough post: Thank you, Jennifer. :)

Please read her post. She has captured a lot of the concerns I’ve been writing about with regard to Prolacta and the IBMP. As a recipient (Jennifer is writing from the perspective of a donor), I can agree with most of what she has to say. I am not a capitalist at heart. I have learned to work within The Patriarchal Machine, and I do it really well, but I really do believe in a true democracy, where money doesn’t really matter (and everyone is equally important). But that information is not really that relevant to this particular post of mine. It’s really important that y’all read what Jennifer has to say regarding “What This News Doesn’t Change” and “Where Does This Leave You?” if you’re thinking of formal milk donation (unlike informal milk donation — like MilkShare, which for me as a mother who has desperately needed breastmilk for my child on numerous occasions and gotten it through there, has been a Godsend).

Please read her post. It’s very important. Don’t miss it.

Thank you. The International Breastfeeding Symbol Website and Blog thanks you.

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International Breastfeeding Symbol Jack ‘O’ Lantern

November 7th, 2007 by MamaBear

I thought of carving a pumpkin with the International Breastfeeding Symbol for Halloween this year, but I never got around to it… Thankfully, though, another lactivist did get around to it. Jaclyn of Smile Pretty Blog carved the International Breastfeeding Symbol into a pumpkin, and I thought I’d link to her so you could take a look at it yourself. (Thanks for linking here, Jaclyn!  You did a great job with the pumpkin! :))

(Dear readers, I apologize for not posting lately, but I have been very busy. I do have a couple of posts brewing, but I haven’t quite finished them yet. Please “bear” with me — heh-heh, a little Mama Bear humor for ya.  :))

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Applebee’s Nurse-In, Nurse-Out

September 4th, 2007 by MamaBear

I want to make sure as many people as possible are aware of the upcoming nurse-in, scheduled for September 8, 2007, four days from now. The time will be from 12:00 noon-1:00 pm. This nurse-in, which will be happening at Applebee’s Restaurants all over the nation, is in response to the degrading treatment Kentucky native Brooke Ryan received at her local Applebee’s when she breastfed her 7-month-old son.

Ryan, who was breastfeeding discreetly at the Nicholasville Rd Applebee’s in Lexington, KY on June 14, was asked to cover up with a blanket due to “indecent exposure.” According to Ryan, her son won’t nurse if under a blanket; it’s hot and uncomfortable. Furthermore, she was nursing facing into a corner, away from anyone that could have possibly seen anything. During the incident, Ryan handed a copy of Kentucky law over to the manager who asked her to cover up. The law prohibits anyone from interfering with a mother breastfeeding her baby in public. The manager’s response was that, regardless of the law, a customer complaining about “indecent exposure” was more important to Applebee’s so she should either cover up or leave. Humiliated, she went to nurse her son in her car in the parking lot.

After the incident, she went through all the right channels to get this matter resolved and to make Applebee’s aware of what the Kentucky breastfeeding law means. After Ryan’s lawyer contacted the company that owns the Nicholasville Applebee’s, Thomas and King, their official response was that “the restaurant chain would consider keeping blankets in the restaurant so that breast-feeding women could cover themselves.”

That’s right, those dirty, dirty breastfeeders… Applebee’s will do them the “courtesy” of providing them with blankets so they can cover up the apparently shameful act of nourishing their offspring in the best way possible.

Republican senator Tom Buford said of the incident, and Applebee’s subsequent response, “She was not treated right under the new law. There should have been no comment made to her at all; the restaurant overstepped its boundaries. There’s no way they can explain their way out of this.”

I, and many other bloggers, agree with him. See this story on: The Lactivist, Hathor the CowGoddess, Women’s Health News, and Breastfeeding 1-2-3 (contains a Google map of Applebee’s nurse-ins across the country). Additionally, this story has been covered extensively (and first appeared) on MotheringDotCommune.

There is a Yahoo Group devoted to the nurse-in which will take place on September 8. Please visit it if you’re interested in participating and learning more. You need not be a lactating mom to be a supporter. You can carry a sign expressing your displeasure of Applebee’s policy and treatment of Brooke Ryan. The protest will be a peaceful one, and it is important that supporters of the nurse-in not park in parking lots owned by Applebee’s nor block the right-of-way.

Don’t forget to wear your International Breastfeeding Symbol shirts! :)

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More International Breastfeeding Symbol Products

August 22nd, 2007 by MamaBear

I keep getting email after email imploring me to add new products to our store. I decided to open an International Breastfeeding Symbol CafePress store in response to this, where you will be able to find:

I consulted with Matt Daigle, creator of the International Breastfeeding Symbol, before experimenting with different colors. He had this to say about it:

I don’t see a problem with you changing the colors–I think that would be very cool. People will see the original design on your website for a point of reference. I used blue and white when I created the icon to match the international information symbols but I told Mothering that those colors could be reversed or other colors used to represent the same image. Anyway–I think using different colors will make it fun. Thanks for asking my opinion.
Take care

I hope everyone likes the new store. The original International Breastfeeding Symbol store is still open for business and still offers free shipping. The new International Breastfeeding Symbol CafePress store offers more and different products. Both stores donate 10% of all proceeds to nonprofit breastfeeding organizations, including HMBANA milk banks. For the month of August, all donated proceeds will go to La Leche League International. Last month, donations went to the Mother’s Milk Bank at Austin, a non-profit HMBANA bank. September donations have been designated for the Mother’s Milk Bank in Denver, another HMBANA milk bank.

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Just for fun

August 9th, 2007 by MamaBear

Here’s a video to teach you how to fold an International Breastfeeding Symbol T-shirt pretty professionally in under ten seconds. Get your own International Breastfeeding Symbol tee in the store. You can also find onesies, bumper stickers, patches, and toddler T-shirts. Donations for this month go to La Leche League.

Video contains no audio, so please don’t turn your volume up all the way. :)

Inspired by this video (contains audio in Japanese):

Sorry it’s incomplete; it’s the longest version I could find on YouTube.

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